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FAIR CLASS - Fair Trade School Class

Annual Award Campaign for School Classes

Detailed application information will be available on this website starting from December 2021.

Award Ceremony

In the past, there have been several award ceremonies,
for example in Slovenia:

School and Fair Trade...
… Fair Trade Classes

Guided by the respective teachers. Expected support and guidance by local or regional NGOs and Fair Trade shops.
Ideal way to educate young people about Fair Trade.
- There is no restriction in age and location (all classes and courses in schools from all countries can participate)
- All class projects of the current school year can compete
- In autumn 2021, the 480th class was awarded, now there are more than 10000 awarded students

Further information

Contact Peter Weichardt (speakes english): p.weichardt (at)

There is the following way to submit the application:

Submission via the online form
Link to the online application form for the 2021/22 school year:

Class (or course): *
Number of students : *
Name of the school : *
Address : *
Co-ordinating teacher : *
(If necessary) Main teacher :
E-mail address : *
E-mail address (2) :
Our class deals with a Fair Trade topic during the year in one lesson. Minimum requirement: two hours (2 x 45 minutes) on the subject of Fair Trade during the current year.
. Examples: What is Fair Trade, A Fair Trade product to understand Fair Trade, The cocoa circuit, Fair Trade treasure hunt in town, Multimedia project on Fair Trade. The courses can also be led by a third party, for example, in the Saarbrücken region, one of the education officers of the Fairtrade Initiative Saarbrücken, or a volunteer from the local Fair Trade Shop.
Subject: *
Stakeholder and/or institution : *
Date and duration of the intervention : *
(Possibly photos taken during the course)
The class carries out at least one activity to promote Fair Trade during the school year. Examples: - Stand selling and/or tasting Fair Trade products - Thematic exhibition on Fair Trade (posters, etc.)
Activity(ies) *
Date and brief description of the activity : *
(Possibly photos taken during the activity)
Writing a report on the activity carried out in relation to Fair Trade Example: Report or short video on the activity carried out (in the local or school newspaper, or on the school website). If requested, the article/report can also be published on the website and/or on social networks, or
. If requested, the article/report can also be published on the website and/or on social networks, or
Article : *
(if applicable, date of publication) :
(If applicable, link to the article) :
(Possibly a copy of the article):
Tick the box.
Place and date: *
Name, title : *
The application must be submitted by a teacher. The application can also be submitted by a student or a parent representative, ONLY after agreement by the responsible coordinator or teacher.
Remarks :
Nota bene : Please note: Before sending your data, fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk (*) and then click on ABSENDEN. You will then see the thank you page. If you have uploaded files (by choosing DURCHSUCHEN), it may take longer to send your data. In case of a notification (e.g. missing fields), go back up the page after clicking on ABSENDEN.
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