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FAIR CLASS - Fair Trade School Class

Annual Award Campaign for School Classes

Detailed application information will be available on this website starting from October 2019.

Award Ceremony

In the past, there have been several award ceremonies,
for example in Slovenia:

School and Fair Trade...
… Fair Trade Classes

Guided by the respective teachers. Expected support and guidance by local or regional NGOs and Fair Trade shops.
Ideal way to educate young people about Fair Trade.
- There is no restriction in age and location (all classes and courses in schools from all countries can participate)
- All class projects of the current school year can compete
- In autumn 2019, the 380th class was awarded, now there are more than 7000 awarded students

Further information www.faire-klasse.de/english.php

Contact Peter Weichardt (speakes english): p.weichardt (at) faire-klasse.de

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